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Oyster mushroom grow kit


Grow your own oyster mushrooms!

Oyster mushrooms are seriously tasty, and an easy mushroom to grow at home.
In this kit you'll find a block of oyster mushroom mycelium and a misting bottle you'll use to take care of it. The straightforward instructions on the back of the box will tell you how to set up your kit and get it growing, hint- it takes very little time.
To make things even simpler for you, we posted a demonstration video on our Instagram.
You'll be amazed by how fast the mushrooms grow, often doubling in size each day!

We grow the mycelium in our lab in Hastings, using a substrate which promotes fast and reliable growth.

There are a handful of varieties you may receive, including pink oysters, blue oysters, golden oysters and more...
You could harvest your mushrooms in as little as two weeks, and even grow multiple crops!