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Lions mane grow kit


This kit is super easy to use, it takes about 3 minutes of effort to get it started, just check in each day to give it a misting.

The box contains a bag of living mycelium and a misting bottle you can use to trigger the mushroom's growth.

We make every effort to ensure our grow kits are reliable. We grow the mycelium on a premium substrate inside of our sterile lab so you get the best yields and the healthiest growth.

You could harvest your first crop in as little as two weeks. Once the mushroom starts growing, it can double in size each day!

If you look after your kit, you can even grow multiple crops.

Lions mane is known for its incredible health benefits, and its delicious taste.
You'll see how rapidly lions mane grows and all the different forms it takes in its short life cycle.

Once you receive your kit, use straight away or keep in your fridge for a maximum of 2 months.

Grown in Hastings!